Preamble for the Thursday CARS net:

Good evening, this is (YOUR CALL, YOUR NAME) your net control for the Cascades Amateur Radio Society’s Thursday Night Net which meets at nine PM local time every Thursday on the CARS 146.88 repeater; if there are any issues with the repeater during this net, we will continue via simplex on the repeaters output frequency, 146.88.  For more information about CARS, please visit our website at

I will be using the CARS callsign “W8JXN”. This is an open net and we encourage everyone in our coverage area to check in and be counted, and also if possible join in and take part in discussions of interest to the amateur community.

<break for the repeater>

The Cascades Amateur Radio Society meets on the third Tuesday of the month at 6:45 p.m. at the Jackson County Health Dept. 1715 Lansing Ave. in Jackson. For more information about CARS please visit the CARS website at or contact any club officer.
Do any club officers have any announcements, if so please call now.

<break for the announcements to call>

At this time I would like to take check-ins for mobiles or others that will only be
available for a short time, or stations listing traffic.

<Take mobile/short time/traffic check ins and allow them to make their transmissions and/or pass any traffic they may have.>

Now I will take all other check-ins, please come slowly with your name and your call.

<add stations to net list>

After you get a list of stations start off the net at the top of the list, note: after calling the station for their comments also announce the next station up.

Every few minutes please call for any further check-ins, we don’t want anyone to be left out. We generally run through the check-in list twice to give everyone a chance to make a second transmission.

Before you close the net make sure to ask for further check-ins.

I would like to thank everyone for checking in. This has been W8JXN, now clear. I will now turn the repeater back to normal use. This is (YOUR NAME and YOUR CALL).


If you operated under the club call you must have a physical copy of the license in your possession.

After you are done please get the net activity report to Jim N8RWK.