A “Net” is  a group of operators sharing frequency that generally follow an established protocol to avoid talking over each other.  Most nets utilize a network controller “net control,” whom volunteers to coordinate the various one to one communications between net controller and the list of people checked into the net.

As the net controller begins the net, be sure to listen to any order or other instructions given for ‘checking in’ to the net.  Net control maintains the list and order of the net, per the context of the net and the whim of net control.  Nets are held for various purposes and range greatly in their topic and precision in following it.

Most nets are social in tone with a mix of new and seasoned operators and afford an opportunity to practice basic radio skills for new operators. Whether you’re seeking to “play radio” for entertainment or if you want to train to be able to communicate in emergencies; participating in local nets accomplishes both.

Below is the list of nets that occur on repeaters that can be accessed from the local area.

(Please email your additions and corrections for this list to: ad8gn599@gmail.com)

W8JXN – CARS Net – Thursday 9:00pm – preamble
The CARS net is the official weekly social net of the Cascades Area Radio Society (the organization that sponsors the W8JXN repeater and this website.) All amateur radio operators within the repeater’s coverage area are encouraged to join in with the fun. The purpose of this net is to have fun and fellowship but it is also used for passing NTS traffic from time to time.  Depending on who is net control, we might even do a ​little training exercise and interesting trivia questions are at times posed. Here is the net control schedule.

W8JXN – Sunshine Net – Sunday 9:00pm
This is social net held each Sunday night at 9pm and is another great opportunity to “check in” with the rest of the local hams in Jackson County. Usually a shorter net with only one ‘cup’.

28.100 – CW Net – Sundays 8:00pm
This net meets Sundays at 8pm at 28.100 MHz and is intended more so as a training net. Don’t be afraid to key up with your weak CW knowing full well in advance that you are gong to make mistakes. These people will match your speed no matter how slow it may be. Please visit our CW web page for all sorts of information on this exciting mode of amateur radio.

146.49 – Slow Scan Net – Wednesday 7:00pm
This net is held every Wednesday evening at 7pm on simplex 146.490 MHz.

W8IRA – Noon Time Roundup – Monday, Wednesday, Friday Noon
This large net is held three times per week on the W8IRA linked system.

W8IRA – IRA After Work – Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 6:00pm
This large net is held three times per week on the W8IRA linked system.

W8IRA – VHF Traffic Net – Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:00pm
This large net is held three times per week on the W8IRA linked system.

W8JXN – The Guard Rail Net
This is special. You must check in to fin out more about it. If you don’t hear any traffic by 6:45pm, toss your call out, someone may be listening for sure. This is also, on the 146.880 MHz repeater.