444.175 Codes the IRLP Repeater
It is suggested by the control ops that you visit www.irlp.net before using this system.

Node 4463
72 – Needs to be pushed first.
To fully connect in full duplex so the IRLP Decoder can hear your touchtones.

Now Enter a 4-Digit code
(Direct Node or Reflector) From the IRLP Web Site List. Once the connection has been made…

71 -Can then be pushed
( For IRLP Receive Only ). This allows you to use the repeater locally without going out over the IRLP.

73 -Is the IRLP EXIT Command
Which disconnects you from the Node or Reflector you had chosen.

A user must be in the (72) mode which is (Full Duplex) in order for the IRLP Decoder to respond to your touchtones!